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The Inca trail is by far one of the best trekking trips in the world due to the fascinating natural beauty and the incredible archaeological value of many sites leading to Machu Picchu. We found a valley that has a rich wildlife endemic to the deserts or the tropics, which extends between the Puna and the cloud forest.

Along this path we can see the half of mysterious archaeological sites covered by jungle, which they seem to be discovering for the first time. Finally we reach the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. Experienced guides will guide you on this journey and they will be in charge of ensuring that this will be pleasant and safe trip.

Nowadays Thousands of people make the Inca Trail every year. The travelers coming from all around the world in order to follow the footsteps that left the Inca Empire, They usually complete the course hilly 43 km approx. in 4 days which is the most traditional tour. For many the experience is a trip of a lifetime and the fulfillment of personal ambition. The satisfaction of having completed the course and reach the spectacular Inca ruins of Machu Picchu is hard to beat it.

This fantastic journey begins at the moment we arrive to the mystical city of Cusco that captured you in a second with its amazing colonial structure, its picturesque landscapes and some kind of mysterious energy that is impregnated in every corner of the place. Then is necessary to spend minimum a couple of days around the city or a little of the outsides to get Adjust to altitude is highlight recommend to be prepared for this exciting adventure, be in a physical and emotional conditions is important too but also the enthusiasm and a positive mind can give the best results.

The most traditional trek lasts 4 days and begins at Piscacucho checkpoint, also known as "Km 82", which is three hours by bus from Cusco. The road to Machu Picchu has a distance of 42 kilometers.

The best time do this route is on the dry season between may to October; in the month of February the Inca trail is close for maintenance and also due to the intense rains.

Anyway this path gives you a wonderful opportunity to experiment different things in just one trip a perfect combination of culture, nature and adventure.

Important note: Is highly recommended to make the reservations well in advance, the average peak indicates at least with 90 days before departure, then is possible not find availability, mostly in the busy season( June-august) because can just be 500 people per day.. Only in this way can maintain the erosion and pollution of the road network and the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.