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The Inca Trail Weather is generally light throughout the year. It is usually mentioned that the best time for trekking is during the dry season (between April and October). June is the coldest month and August offers a warm and stable climate. From November to March, the rains are frequent and the road can become dangerous and slippery mud which sometimes is kind of risky to do the trek in those conditions but on the other hand, the landscapes are benefit from the rain because you will be able to see it green and lush.

During the day, the average temperature borders the 23 ° C, that is usually sunny and at night you come to register values close to zero degrees Celsius.

During the walk, is dry in the first two days and humid in the third and fourth. And at night the first two camps are usually cold, but the third camp is mild.

Inca Trail is a great adventure that involves traveling 42 kilometers over four days and three nights. Many tourists from all over the world come to Peru not only to visit Machu Picchu, but also to walk the Inca Trail, perhaps the most famous trek in South America. These tourists are attracted not only by the challenge of the walk, but also for the beauty of its landscapes, the impressive ruins along the same, and the mystery at the end of the road.

The sceneries and landscapes change along the walk. In the first two days the landscape is the presence of Andean type with rugged mountains, glaciers, forests and streams. In contrast, the third day the vegetation is denser looking more like a tropical forest. For that reason you will be able to see during the all trek a diversity of climates that will surprise you.

at the following there is an Inca trail altitude map where is indicated the elevations in the different places along the path.

Apparently there is not a perfect time (month’s sunny, warm and dry). At the end you can decide when to do it, taking in considerations their own preference and being aware of the risks or against of every season. For example if rain bothers you or if it is very chilly.

However, to put it in some order we can say that (from the worst to best)

February is excluded because the Inca Trail is closed for maintenance every month. Also due to the intense rains.

January and March should be avoided if possible due to the rains.

April, November and December are a good balance between a warm temperature and a pleasant climate.

May and October offer a pleasant climate with fresh temperatures

June, July, August and September are, in our opinion, the best months even if the nights are cool, because the climate is very pleasant and there is a very little rain. Anyway is really important always count with a rain coat, umbrella or something to protect you of the rain, because could be rain at any time, and is good to be prepared for that.